Why not give yourself a little nurturing time today?

Is the pace of life getting to you?

Do you want to stop the world for a while?

Do you feel low but nothing specific is wrong?

We all need to restore the balance in our minds and bodies so often depleted by daily pressures, be they physical, mental or environmental. A replenished body allows us to find the voice within which helps us to pace ourselves more naturally and helps to gain more vitality, health and peace in our lives.

I can offer the space for you to really tune into your own body’s needs through relaxing and restoring  Reiki Healing, Natural Facelift Massage and Aromatherapy Massage, .

Exclusively for Ladies

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique originating from Japan.  It is a non invasive, gentle therapy and safe to use on anyone of any age.  The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words Rei and Ki. Treatments vary, bringing a different experience each time as the cumulative effect of Reiki allows the clients health and well being to improve. I run regular Reiki courses throughout the year, please contact me if this is something you are interested in exploring.

Natural Facelift Massage

The massage is a totally natural, non invasive treatment, without the use of creams, needles or electrical machinery. The massage can tone facial muscles, condition the skin and redefine areas. It works by utilising different techniques including acupressure, lymphatic drainage and specific lifting and exfoliating movements using just the hands of the skilled therapist.


Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy using essential oils from plants and trees. These oils are either massaged into skin, using a carrier oil to dilute them, or can be inhaled or used in a bath. The oils are a natural treatment for infections, stress and other health related problems.

  • Care and Advice

    Feeling tired and relaxed is common after a massage, try not to fight it.


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