About Me


Hello, My name is Carrie Richardson and I have a wonderful treatment room next to my home in Bishops Stortford.Photo 2

I started out on my own path to holistic healing over 25 years ago when I discovered aromatherapy massage after the death of my mother. I had been carrying the burden of grief for a few months and it was suggested that I try having an Aromatherapy massage. Directly after the treatment I felt as if I was floating on air but the real benefits became apparent a few days later when I literally felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I realised that this was amazing and powerful stuff and after several more treatments I felt the calling to help others in the way I had been helped. I embarked on a training course with the London School of Aromatherapy and graduated in 1990.

After practicing for a number of years I discovered Reiki healing and was attuned to the first degree in 1992 and then the second degree 2 years later. I am now a Reiki Master attuning and supporting students and passing on the gift that is Reiki.  The attunements to Reiki changed my life for the better and opened me up to the realisation that we are not just a physical body but also an energetic one and it is a gift of awareness and change of perspective that I am blessed to be able to pass on to my students.

In 2014 I trained in natural facelift massage as an alternative to other treatments out there which use needles or electricity. I am pleased to report that my clients are having some excellent results. I have named the treatments “go to sleep and wake up beautiful” as in the majority of cases this is literally what happens!

I am interested in how nutrition can change and enhance lives and am always looking for new ways to pass on my knowledge to clients and have discovered a wonderful product called Juice Plus, a nutritional wholefood supplement.

I am fully insured and regulated by the Complementary Therapists Association.