Juice Plus

Juiceplus bannerEating fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

When I show people how our modern diet is often not enough to nourish us it can come as quite a shock. For example: we would need to eat 8 oranges to get the same amount of vitamin C as supplied by 1 orange 20 years ago. Intensive farming methods have increased volume but reduced nutrient quality. The shops are laden with food but generally they are not giving us the wholefood nutrition our bodies need for optimum health and the foods we eat tend to be calorie rich but nutrient poor.

The World Health Organisation now recommends we eat 9 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables every day, a serving being the size of your fist. Evidence shows that most people are struggling to achieve this.

Juice Plus+ is a researched and clinically proven concept which helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day. It is not meant to replace fresh food but bridges the gap making your life easier!

This is not a vitamin supplement, it is wholefood nutrition from 26 fruits, vegetables and berries which are grown until fully ripened, juiced, fast dried at low temperature (to preserve all the phytonutrients and enzymes) and then encapsulated for our convenience. This is an inexpensive way to ensure we are getting enough and a whole lot easier than juicing this many for ourselves! The other great thing is that the sugar is removed as part of the juicing process.

Taking Juice Plus+ has been proven scientifically to…

  • Deliver key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body.
  • Reduce markers of oxidative stress.
  • Positively impact several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness.
  • Helps support a healthy immune system and protects DNA.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Protect against exercise induced stress.
  • Lower homocysteine.
  • Improve periondontal health.
  • Improve skin health and appearance.
  • Enable safer pregnancies and healthier babies.

Juice Plus is the most scientifically researched brand name wholefood supplement in the world. Check out the studies here

Vitamin pills are not the same. Most are made from artificial ingredients and the body cannot utilise them efficiently as the synergy from the whole food, with its myriad of micronutrients, is just not there as it can’t be replicated in a laboratory. If one apple has thousands of micronutrients, how can a vitamin pill possibly compare?

Experts all over the world agree, one of the key ways to help maintain our health and improve our quality of life and longevity, is to eat a healthy balanced diet combined with an active lifestyle. Isn’t it good to know that you can provide your body with nutrition from fruits, vegetables and berries in a convenient and inexpensive capsule form. Juice Plus just “makes sense“.

Juice Plus is not available on the high street. That is how they keep their prices down. Please contact me for more information. 07581 077084 

If you just wish to order straight away please click on the juice plus photo link at the bottom of this page.