I love a visit to Carrie. She is warm and so welcoming – has time to listen and advise and I feel so relaxed after her stress relieving Reiki treatment. I do suffer from time to time with anxieties but Carrie’s magic works wonders.
D.B. Bishop’s Stortford

Having Reiki sessions with Carrie is the best thing that I have ever done, I now feel amazing, mentally and physically. Carrie is a great Reiki Master – kind, caring and professional.
S.K. Bishop’s Stortford

Reiki has been such a positive in my life since having my first session with Carrie two years ago. The care and support she gives is amazing. Having the opportunity to go on to learn more about Reiki through being attuned to Reiki first and second degree with Carrie’s guidance and endless patience is something that has enhanced my life and I’m so grateful for.
H. K. Bishop’s Stortford

As you enter Carrie’s treatment room, you find yourself in an oasis of calm, with the frantic outside world gradually being quietened. From the pillows under your knees to the heavy blanket over you, everything is done to make you feel safe and secure and to allow you to feel all the benefits Reiki has to offer.
J.C. Bishop’s Stortford

I instantly liked Carrie’s calm presence on first meeting her. “Calm presence” was something that I had been trying cultivating for a long time but seemed particularly important in my new work role, running my own business. Self-confidence was also elusive at key times when I needed it, especially in new situations. As an Alexander Technique teacher, I felt free flowing energy was vital in my work and I had a strong sense that it wasn’t. I’d heard of Reiki and was curious but never felt compelled to do it until I met Carrie. Carrie has been a wonderful guide through our sessions both with Reiki and through discussions. The sessions have been illuminating and have certainly helped me understand myself more comprehensively. Any concerns about lack of energy flow when I’m teaching have now gone and I’m more concerned about giving too much which is a great transformation in my approach to my work and my confidence as a teacher. Many thanks Carrie!
Carrie’s experience ensures you get an amazing Reiki treatment but so much more besides. I felt in really safe hands.
K.P. Saffron Walden

I have been coming to Carrie for several years for Reiki treatment at different times when I have felt the need to re-balance my energies and stress levels. On every occasion Carrie’s wonderful, peaceful and gentle aura has not only reassured me but given me a feeling of peace and healing. I have drawn so much from her that I have now gone onto train with her as a Reiki healer myself. I highly recommend Carrie and look forward to my next session with her.
J.D. Bishop’s Stortford

Someone suggested Reiki to de stress but massage has always been my solution, until I met Carrie. Her knowledge of Reiki and a natural understanding, without any judgement, of her clients, is what makes Reiki with Carrie a must. It’s my medicine to de stress, rebalance and energise my body and mind.
S.J. Hertford

Carrie’s massage is amazing, the best I have ever had. You come out feeling looser, relaxed and nourished. She really looks after you with the ultimate professionalism.
Wendy Penwill, Physiotherapist Sawbridgeworth